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Qusetion 1 - What is Farm Fresh Milk?

Farm fresh milk is the most natural milk produce that has absolutely no pesticides and no artificial substances in it. It is manufactured and packaged on the farm in its most natural state.

Qusetion 2 - What do you Mean by whole milk?

Whole milk is milk from which no constituents have been removed or adjusted. It is a non-standardised milk where the fat has not been set to a particular value through extra processing. Whole milk is pure milk containing all its goodness in its natural form as received from the cow. It's milk, the way nature has made it. Hence, Whyte Farms Milk is Whole Cow's Milk.

Qusetion 3 - Why do you send the milk in glass bottles?

Glass is the safest material on earth for packaging of F&.

Our brand values don’t go with plastic or anti-environment materials, so we use glass bottles for packaging, it’s very tough for us to do glass bottles but doing organic and then using plastic is not acceptable.

Qusetion 4 - Why don’t you pasteurize your milk?

Pasteurization is a process of killing bad bacteria in the milk with the help of high temperatures and shock heating. This leads to killing of nutritional content of the milk and it also changes the protein (amino cells) structure of the milk, which can lead to several ailments in longer run.

Qusetion 5 - Why Madhu farm fresh milk is bit expensive?

In our farm we focus on the quality of milk not the quantity, Madhu farm fresh milk is not expensive it is pure and natural organic fed cow milk.

1 Superior-quality Pure cow milk is precious, rare and unparalleled to obtain in today’s world of adulteration.

2. We do not separate the bull, the cow and the calves. They all live as one happy family in an ocean of love and care. Approx. 60% of our cows produce milk at a time. It’s our responsibility to look after and maintain good health of the aged cows, bulls and calves too and not just of the milking cows.

3. The calves have the first right on the cow’s milk. They are always first fed generously and then the remaining milk is used for human consumption.

4. A Balanced Diet of mixed ration is planned to keep the cows healthy and to maintain the optimum quality of milk. Our nutritionists ensure that there is the right balance of minerals, vitamins and a tailor-made menu for different ages of the cows and their physical needs. Such organic fodder costs us heavily.

5. A lot of provisions and cautions need to be taken to provide chilled farm fresh Milk to your doorstep in sterilized food-grade glass bottles.

6. We do not compromise on hygiene or quality in any way unlike many other regular milk providers. We are not just into selling milk, we focus on quality of milk.

7.It's natural, pure, and fresh milk. It costs us more money to produce such milk. Most of the profit goes to the maintenance of aged cows, bulls, and calves. It is non-adulterated. We assure you of 0% contamination and 100% purity.

This degree of dairy perfection does cost money, but considering all that goes into its making, it is worth every penny

Qusetion 6 - I can't set good dahi with the milk. It's quite runny. Why is that so?

Firstly, the milk available in the market is either made from powder OR SMP mixed, hence you get curd very thick and creamy, because of the powder content in the milk.

Madhu farms Milk is 100% farm fresh, direct from the cow, so there is natural SNF (powder properties) which is relatively low in comparison to conventional milk brands who mixed in milk.

Qusetion 7 - If it's full-fat cow's milk, why isn't there any thick malai on it after it is boiled and cooled? I want to give my child full-fat milk, as recommended by my pediatrician?

Full fat milk from cow cannot be compared with conventional brands milk, because , in conventional brands, cream/fat is added as per percentage proportions to make different variants. Conventional full cream brands contain 6% fat.

Cow full fat milk cannot be more than 4.5 % fat because it is the natural lactating property of the cow that its light in terms of fat, thus easy to digest. That’s why its widely known that cow milk fat is GOOD FAT.

Qusetion 8 - Why is the milk thickness changes frequently unlike the branded packed milk ?

Madhu farms milk is Farm fresh raw milk. We do not do any sort of processing on the milk. Branded packaged milk is standardized and homogenized to ensure consistency in the milk but these processes alter the natural state of the milk. Our milk thickness and taste would be impacted by weather, local seasonal fodder fed to the cows and lactation cycle of our cows.

Qusetion 9 - What is the shelf life of the milk?

Since this is raw milk, we recommend boiling it within one hours of receiving it, especially during the summers. We recommend that the customers boil the milk before the consumption as raw milk is difficult to digest unless your system is used to it. After boiling, the milk can be refrigerated upto 2-3 days, as in the case of conventional milk.

Qusetion 10 - Can I change my milk requirement if I need more milk or less milk ?

Yes, you can do it latest by 7 pm a day before you want the quantities to be modified. Best method is to just call/ whatsapp at the Madhufarms Care number, minimum one day in advance if you want more/ less quantity of milk, or want to suspend the deliveries while travelling.

Qusetion 11 - Is this A1 or A2 milk?

Scientifically, we cannot establish whether it is A1 or A2 milk, as we don't have A1/A2 certification available in India. Most milch cattle give milk which contains both A1 & A2 protein, but to what percentage, we cannot commit. It can be in any proportion for a given cow i.e. 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 or vice-versa and so on.

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